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Environmentalist Degenerates is a collection of 4253 randomly generated NFTs, each made of an Art masterpiece (from masters such VanGogh, Monet, etc) smeared and vandalised by food, paint, or dirt. 

The context of this provocation was born in May 2022, when a climate activist threw a cake at the glass of the Monalisa in Paris. Seeing such a masterpiece vandalised so brutally was an incredibly powerful image that once more confirmed Art as the strongest weapon of communication in history. 

From there, Giacaramis embraces the powerful contrast between Art masterpieces and mere dirt, to transmit a sense of provocation, distress, scandal and rebellion. 

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"I want to recreate the act of rebellion that challenges the historical legacy of Masters of Art but at the same time pays tribute to such legacy, by recognizing it as the most powerful weapon of communication in history - a mission that provokes and challenges while elevating and eulogizing"


"It was extremely interesting and powerful seeing all these pieces mistreated with dirt, so many of them just seem to be communicating with the dirt, which becomes a component of their life in the painting or as random as a random event just happens to exist.

I disagree with the actual environmentalist degenerates that go and damage art pieces. I love the idea of throwing cake on a glass* of an art piece, conscious of not actually damaging the piece. I appreciate that these individuals see art as the most powerful tool of communication. However, I am against those who go with the intent of damaging* the actual (unprotected) art.

Working on the project, I truly loved conveying the music video for the collection. I needed it to communicate concisely but transport as a movie trailer.  It's how the video is broken into two parts where, within my imagery, in the first part you are essentially seeing the piece of Art being created - you have the Artist making an Art Piece, with a Crowd that records the making of the Art and the Art Piece, all just after a SECURITY GUARD removes the Artist from his Art - while the Artist fights to remain there, attached to its piece, and not wanting to give up a step from his/her Piece."


E Q U I L I B R I U M   |   An upcoming collection.

Follow the line.


The two bodies - Rationalitas and Le Danseur. 

Each piece is broken into ten different Fragments. Each fragment is empty in certain portions. While Fragment 0 represents the genesis fragment. The first piece 'Rationalitas' represents the endless war between rationality (the rigid Green) and irrationality (the fluid Red). 

The same Giacaramis said: "one is at war with the other, but they fight dancing. In fact, they make love one to another reaching perpetual equilibrium within the spaceless Black".

Giacaramis then creates a second piece called 'Le danseur', demonstrating the inner nature of the two feelings (rationality and irrationality) mutating in space and in colour, to the point of also transforming the 'spaceless Black' into a more vibrant environment, almost describing the beats and the sound that the red creates through its dance while taking the semblance of a 'danseur'.

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